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Baby Doll Brunette Girl, 38 cm

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Introducing the Miniland Doll with distinguished Caucasian features of dark hair and brown eyes. This doll belongs to our Miniland Dolls collection that promotes equality among children, regardless of race, gender, or condition, while teaching about diversity and developing social skills such as empathy and tolerance.

Crafted from high-quality soft vinyl with a light vanilla scent, this doll is made in Spain and recyclable. It features anatomically correct differences between boy and girl dolls and has articulated head, arms, and legs that fully rotate, allowing the doll to sit, stand, or lie down. The 38cm doll is also washable without affecting its quality and durability.

To enhance the doll's appearance, dress it up with our Miniland clothing collection. This model comes in an open-faced box with underwear, making it a perfect gift for any young child.