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Elephant Sorter Puzzle

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There is more to this elephant sorter than what first meets the eye. It's one of those toys which truly sparks imagination with toddlers.

Give the elephants family names (the large one is dad, the small one is the toddler), and play around with them.

Stack them on top of each other, to work on fine motor skills. 

Set them side by side, without knocking the other ones over. 

Let small hands try to put them in place and spot that some trunks are pointing down while others are pointing up. 

  • This is puzzle, but also building blocs
  • Make a tall elephant tower, and puzzle the pieces back on the board after
  • Great toy to work those fine motor skills
  • High quality wood construction
  • Made in Europe
  • Certified non-toxic paints based on natural components,
  • Tested to be safe and durable.
  • Carefully selected high quality materials from certified EU suppliers, who respect European eco-standards of wood production.


Design: Wojciech Bajor

 8 elements

 Size of the toy: 17 cm x  24 cm x 3 cm

 Box:  28 cm x  26 cm x  8 cm

 Recommended for children over 18 months old

How to care for this toy:

  Recycle me: This toy and packaging is made from natural resources and can be readily recycled.
  Please remove all packaging and stabilisers before giving to a child.
  Do not use sharp instruments to remove the packaging.
  Clean the surface of the toy using only with a damp cloth.
Please do not expose this toy to high temperatures or high humidity. The wood can bend and deform under these conditions.
  We recommend adult supervision of very young children at play.